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A Day tour

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Tour grade: Easy 

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All sightseeing & entrance fees

Today, we will pick you up from your hotel and drive to Hustai National Park, 93km from the city center. Once we get there, we will ride a horse for 1 hour and have lunch at Hustai National Park's tourist camp. Then we will watch a documentary movie and see a small museum. Afterward, walking and hiked to see wild horses. After enjoying nature and seeing the wild horses, drive back to Ulaanbaatar city and drop you off at your location. 

Tour Highlights & Destinations

  • See wild horses

  • Ride a horse for 1 hour

  • Lunch 

  • Visit Mongolian Traditional Ger 


The Przewalski’s horse (Equus ferus przewalskii), also known as “takhi” in Mongolian, is considered the world's last and only remaining wild horse species. Once found throughout the steppes of western Europe and Asia, by the early 1960s, Przewalski’s horses were only found in Mongolia’s Gobi region. By 1969, they were declared extinct in the wild. In the early 1900s, however, 53 Przewalski’s horse foals had been shipped to Europe from the Gobi, where they were kept in zoos and privately held “parks.” Of those, only 12 produced foals.

Nevertheless, by the mid-1980s, the captive population grew to over 1,000. In 1992, the reintroduction of Przewalski’s horses began in Mongolia, China, and Kazakhstan. At that time, 16 of Przewalski´s horses from the Netherlands were successfully transported to Hustain Nuruu, which later became Hustai National Park (HNP) in central Mongolia. The reintroduction was accomplished in association with the Foundation for the Preservation and Protection of the Przewalski Horse and the Mongolian Association for Conservation of Nature and Environment.

Every two years, beginning in 1992 and continuing into 2000, Przewalski’s horses from European countries were reintroduced into HNP. By 2002, the population of Przewalski’s horses in the park increased from 84 to 150. The number is now 380. This includes 34 breeding harems and more than 80 young stallions. Mongolia is the only place in the world where Przewalski’s horses exist within their historic range; HNP is home to the world’s most significant number of Przewalski’s horses in the wild.


  • All entrance fees & taxes

  • Professional driver & tour guide

  • Private transportation and fuel

  • Lunch

  • Horse riding for 1 hour


  • Sneaks 

  • Alcoholic drinks

  • Tips



PS: Prices for children aged 2-12 get discounted.

Infants travel free with their equipment.


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