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Sukhbaatar main square of Mongolia and horse statue


Modern city with a nomadic soul

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It is such a pleasure to introduce you to our capital, Mongolia. Four sacred mountains surround it. It is proudly called the "White Princess of Asia" due to the white felt "Gers," the traditional Mongolian dwellings, which were the main houses in the city at the beginning of Mongolia, and it is the central hub for trips to all the destinations within the country. Ulaanbaatar is a city of contrasts where modern trends combine with the old traditional customs.
It is the city where you can see modern-style buildings and the newest cars next to gers and old temples. 

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Tour Highlights & Attractions

  • Zaisan Hill Memorial

  • Bid Buddha Statue

  • Bogd Khan Winter Palace

  • Gandan Tegchilen Monastery 

  • Lunch

  • National History Musuem

  • Sukhbaatar Square 

  • Traditional Folk Concert

lots of buildings under the blue sky.

Zaisan Hill Memorial

Today, we will pick you up from your hotel and drive to our first attraction, Zaisan Hill Memorial. The Memorial is a massive show of Mongolian people's appreciation for the Soviet Union. Seeming to promote good relations between the two states, the Soviet Union created the monument to depict just how much they had done for the lowly eastern communist state.
Located on a hill south of the city, the monument features a circular memorial painting that depicts scenes of friendship between the peoples of the USSR and Mongolia. Ostensibly built to commemorate Soviet soldiers in World War II, the sprawling mural also illustrates the defeat of the Japanese in 1939, which brought Mongolia into the Soviet sphere of influence. Of course, the victory over Nazi Germany, a battle that subsumed Mongolian troops into the Red Army, is also prominent.

buddha statue Mongolia.

Big Buddha Statue

On the platform of Ulaanbaatar city, Zaisan Memorial allows you to visit 23 the 23-meter-high Big Buddha Statue right next to it. It is famous for the International Buddha Park, built in 2006, and also planned statues of Buddha worldwide.

The Buddha Statue is made of material named U-light from Korea, which has been water and wind persistent for over 500 years. The Buddha statue looks through the entire UB city and protects the city from any danger.

Amazing old Buddhist temple and blue sky

Bogd Khan Winter Palace

One of the first museums in Mongolia, the Winter Palace of Bogd Khaan, was built in 1924. It is considered one of the few Ulaanbaatar historical attractions not destroyed by the Soviet and Mongolian communists. It is a highlight of Ulaanbaatar and worth a visit. Located in southern Ulaanbaatar on the road to Zaisan, your trip to the Winter Palace can be combined with a nearby Zaisan Memorial trip.

Very tall golden buddha

Gandan Tegchilen Monastery

Gandantegchinlen Monastery, also known as Gandan Monastery, is a Buddhist monastery in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. It was founded in 1809, closed amid persecutions in 1939, and, from 1944 to 1989, was the country's only active monastery.

Today, it is the center of Buddhism in Mongolia. The monastery has more than 100 resident monks and numerous Buddhist treasures, including a 26-metre (85 ft) statue of Avalokiteśvara made of gilded bronze and precious stones.

Mongolian traditional foods

Lunch at Modern Nomads Restaurant

For lunch time. 

Mongolian national history museum

Mongolian National History Museum

After having lunch, we will work at the National History Museum. The Museum of Mongolia’s leading museum is dedicated to preserving Mongolian history and traditional life, attracting more than fifty thousand visitors annually. As such, we serve an educational and cultural role, providing the public with opportunities to experience first-hand how Mongolians lived in historical times. The NMM was established in 1924 and has remained dedicated to historical investigation and research as well as the collection, preservation, and exhibition of artifacts related to Mongolian culture.

Over the years, we have presented our findings and collection in theme exhibits, reports, and public lectures. Today, we focus on our customers more than ever while adopting a more open and specialized approach to remain in step with the changing paradigm for museums in the 21st century.

Sukhbaatar square mongolia

Sukhbaatar Square

Sukhbaatar Square is the central square of Mongolia's capital, Ulaanbaatar. The square was named for Mongolian revolutionary hero Damdin Sükhbaatar after he died in 1923. The square's name was changed to Chinggis Square in 2013 in honor of Genghis Khan, considered the founding father of Mongolia,[1] but the original name was restored in 2016.

The center of the plaza features an equestrian statue of Damdin Sukhbaatar. At the same time, a large colonnade monument dedicated to Genghis Khan, as well as to Ögedei Khan and Kublai Khan, dominates the square's north face directly in front of the Grey Palace (Government Palace).

lots of people gathering together and dancing.

Traditional Mongolian Folk Concert

Tumen Ekh Ensemble of Traditional Cultural Heritage is one of Mongolia's leading national song and dance ensembles. “Tumen Ekh” in Mongolian means “a leader or vanguard of all.” In 1989, a group of outstanding artists and forerunners of the field chose the title of a famous folk song, “Tumen Ekh,” and established this ensemble.

After seeing the concert, your driver and guide will drop you off at your hotel. End of the tour. Thank you very much for traveling with us.


  • All entrance taxes

  • Lunch

  • A Tour guide 

  • Private transportation & fuel                  


  • Sneaks 

  • Alcoholic drinks 

  • Tips                              


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