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Lots of yaks are standing


a traditional Mongolian ger image.

8 Nights in gers

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Tour grade: Easy & moderate

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10 Nights / 11 Days

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No camping

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2 nights at 3* hotels


The Yaks Festival is one of the most important festivals in Mongolia. It's held each year on the 23rd of July, in Orkhon waterfall, Bat Ulzii sum, Ovorkhangai province.

In Mongolia, the yak has an excellent value for nomadic breeders. It has many uses and is necessary for the remarkable development of a farm. The yak can carry equipment on its back or tract a cart. Its wool is used for making clothes, whereas meat and milk are for food and beverages.

Yaks Festival highlights this domesticated wild animal. This local celebration attracts many people because it's entertaining and full of surprises! The day's program focuses on animals: rodeos, milking trials, beauty contests, polo on yak back, and races! On one occasion, Mongolian people wear their nicest traditional clothes to attend or participate in different games and trials.

It's an essential day in Ovorkhangai, and you won't get away without seeing it if you come to Orkhon Valley during that time. We study the dates of many programs to go to the valley right then. Enjoy every moment with us.


Tour Highlights & Destinations

  • Experience nomadic life

  • Ugii lake 

  • Tsenkher hot spring

  • Tuvkhun Temple

  • Ulaan tsutgalan waterfall

  • Yak festival

  • ErdeneZuu Monastery

  • 13th-century capital Kharkhorin

  • Elsen tasarkhai sem-desert

  • Hustai National Park - Wild horses

  • Ulaanbaatar city tour

  • Gandan - Tegchilen Monastery

  • Mongolian National History museum

  • Zaisan Hill memorial

  • Chinggis square

  • Horse & camel riding

a road direction board.
lots of building and mongolian government palace

Day 1. Arrival Day and City tour (B)

(18 July) Upon arrival, you will be welcomed by our guide and transferred to a hotel***. If you want, you can rest at your hotel for a little while. Then, we will visit Chinggis Square, the Mongolian National History Museum, Gandan-Tegchilen Monastery, and Zaisan Hill Memorial; from there, you will be able to see the whole city—dinner/ Transfer to the hotel.

lakes and blue sky

Day 2. Drive to Ugii Lake (B/L/D)

(19 July) After breakfast, you will head to the west and visit Ugii Lake, a freshwater lake with abundant migratory birds. The area is on the Ramsar List of Wetlands of International Importance to conserve the ecosystem internationally.

If you are a bird lover, this is an ideal place for birding. Ensure a small but informative bird observation center with a local museum run by the local community.

people having a spa

Day 3. Drive to Tsenkher hot spring via Hoshoo Taidam (B/L/D)

(20 July) Today, you will explore the historic Orhon Valley, famous for its historic ruins of the cities of the ancient empires of Turks, Uigurs, and Mongols. See the first known writing culture of nomadic tribes, Orhon-Enisei scripts, and the memorial of Turkic general Kultegin and King Bilge dating back to the 8th century AD.
A ruin of Har Balgas of Uigurs (the 9th century AD) is also along the Orhon Valley. In the afternoon, you will arrive at Tsenher Hot Springs. Enjoy soaking in an open-air hot spring pool in the middle of the alpine landscape.

lots of trees and temples

Day 4. Tsagaan Sum (B/L/D)

(21 July) You will enjoy scenic alpine meadows and undulating hills while you are walking. It may be ideal for taking a short hiking trip after breakfast, which will acclimatize you to the mountain climate before trekking to Tuvhun Monastery the following day.

In the afternoon, you will comfortably continue your journey with your beloved van and enjoy another hot spring at Tsagaan Sum in the evening.

beutiful nature and waterfall

Day 5. Tuvhun Monastery and Ulaan Tsutgalan Waterfall (B/L/D)

(22 July) Today, we will head to the Tuvhun Monastery, established in the 17th century in a remote mountain area by Zanabazar, a Buddhist Noble person. He was the 29th descendant of Chinggis Khan and spent much of his time at Tuvhun Monastery for mediation and creating his art and sculptures. He established the Zanabazar School, Mongolia’s Buddhist tradition of art and sculptures. 
If you are interested more in his art and Buddhist heritage, Zanabazar Fine Art Museum in Ulaanbaatar is the best place. After a short hike to the monastery, we will drive to Ulaan Tsutgalan, over a 20m tall waterfall, and enjoy the rest of the evening.

lots of yaks and nature

Day 6.Yak Festival in Bat-Ulziit area in Uvurkhangai province (B/L/D) 

(23 July) Mongolia is the world's second-largest yak-herding country after China. Yak is a widespread domestic cattle in Mongolia's mountain regions and is exceptionally well adapted to severe and harsh mountain climates. Therefore, yak milk is one of the wealthiest domestic animals in Mongolia and contains 8 percent fat. 
Although fat is a synonym for "unhealthy diet, " in the modern sedentary world," for traditional nomadic communities, creamy milk is well praised. Therefore, yak's cream butter is renowned all over Mongolia. The Yak Festival aims to promote yak benefits and have a festive event in a remote mountain region. So you will enjoy the yak race, yak lassoing, and dairy from yak and other products during the festival.

13th century capital Kharkhorum

Day 7. The 13th-century capital Kharkhorin (B/L/D)

(24 July) You will take an early drive to Kharhorin, established on the ruins of the 13th century Kharkhorin, the capital city of the Mongol Empire. The area is also part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Orhon Valley.

Buddhist Monks' daily chanting in the stunning Erdenezuu Monastery, Mongolia's first Buddhist monastery, established in 1586, can be an enjoyable ritual. The Museum of Kharkhorin also offers a fantastic display of historical artifacts and remarkable archaeological discoveries.

The Elsen-Tasarkhai semi-desert, Khogno Khan natural reserve

Day 8. Drive to the Elsen Tasarhai semi-desert (B/L/D)

(25 July) You will head to the east via picturesque Elsen Tasarhai, considered the closest desert landscape to Ulaanbaatar's capital city. Enjoy a horse ride across the scenic river basin of Hugnu-Tarna. You could also try camel riding with Mongolia's two-humped Bactrian Camel at your cost. 
Enjoy pitch night skies with glittering stars and tranquility in a comfortable ger camp.

Mongolian wild horse, Hustai National Park

Day 9. Drive to Hustai National Park & Mongolian National Folk Concert (B/L/D)

(26 July) Today, you will continue to drive to Hustai National Park. Wildlife exploration in Hustai National Park will be one of the trip's highlights, where you will encounter the Wild Horse Takhi,' the only wild horse species in the world. 
Takhi was reintroduced in 1991. and this is the only place you will be able to see this beautiful animal in the wilderness. If you are lucky, you can spot mammals, including Marmot, Red Deer, Steppe Gazelle, and Wolf. The area also has numerous bird species, such as birds of prey: Steppe eagles, Hawks, Falcons, and Vultures, etc., and then we will drive back to the city. We will be in the town around 3 pm. Then we will go directly to the hotel to refresh, after that we will see the Mongolian National folk concert from 06 pm until 07 pm. If you want, we can do some shopping -dinner / Overnight at the hotel. 

forest and river

Day 10. Drive to Chinggis Khan Equestrian Statue Complex & Terelj National Park (B/L/D)

(27 July) In the morning, we will drive to Terelj National Park, considered one of the most beautiful places for travelers who want to rest in the city's surroundings. Once we get there, we will ride a horse for 1 hour, visit the Aryabal meditation temple and Turtle rock, etc. 

Afterward, drive to the Chinggis Khan Equestrian Statue complex, the tallest horseman statue in the world. Drive back to the city. If you want, we will be able to do some shopping. Farewell Dinner / Transfer to the hotel***. 

Mongolian tour local tour operator

Day 11. Departure (B)

(28 July) This morning, after you have your breakfast at your hotel, we will transfer you to the international airport. End of the tour.


Thank you very much for traveling with us!  


  • Airport pick up & drop off service

  • Private transportation & fuel

  • Professional driver and guide

  • Accommodations

  • Three meals per day (B/L/D)

  • All taxes & entrance fees

  • Sightseeing costs 

  • Horse & Camel riding                     


  • International transportation

  • Travel and medical insurance

  • Alcoholic drink

  • Tip

  • Meals in UB                                  



PS: Price for children aged 2-12 get discounted.

Infants travel free with their  equipment.


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