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a traditional Mongolian ger image.

5 Nights in gers

a map icon image.

Tour grade: Moderate

the sun image.

10 Nights / 11 Days

tent image.

2 Nights in a tent

sleeping icon image.

3 Nights at hotels


This tour gives you a huge opportunity to meet Reindeer people - Tsaatan people are reindeer herders and live in the north and west of Khuvsgul province in Mongolia. Originally from across the border in the Tuva Republic of Russia, the Tsaatan are one of the world's last groups of nomadic reindeer herders.
They survived for thousands of years, inhabiting the remotest subarctic Ulaan taïga, moving between 5 and 10 times a year. Reindeer provide them with milk, cheese, meat, and transportation.
Reindeer people have evolved an extraordinary and unique way of life, dependent on their reindeer and the forests where they hunt. They do not use their animals for meat, which makes their group unique among reindeer-herding communities. 
They also sew their clothes with reindeer hair, reindeer dung fuels their stoves, and antlers were used to make tools. It will be an incredibly eye-opening experience for you. Let me leave the rest of it for you to explore by yourself.
Afterward, we will head to crystal clear Khuvsgul Lake, one of seventeen ancient lakes in the world and Central Asia's freshest and deepest lake. That breathtaking scenery of wild nature will give you endless opportunities for photography not possible anywhere else in the world. Enjoy every moment with us!

Tour Highlights & Destinations

  • Visit Tsaataan herder family

  • Horse and reindeer riding

  • City tour

  • Mongolian National History Museum

  • Gandan-Tegchlen Monastery

  • Mongolian Traditional Folk Concert

  • Zaisan Hill memorial

  • Chinggis Khan Square

  • Explore beautiful Khuvsgul lake

  • Mongolian traditional BBQ

a road direction board.
lots of buildings under the blue sky.

Day 1. Arrival Day & City Tour (L)

On this day, we will pick you up from the airport and transfer you to the hotel***. 

If you want, you can rest for a while, and then we are going to start a city tour. 

We will visit 

- Zaisan hill from the hill, you will be able to see the whole city. 

- Gandan-Tegchlen Monastery

- Mongolian National History Museum and we will have dinner. Afterward, we will drop you off at your hotel.

Beautiful rocky formation and river

Day 2. Flight to Murun, Khuvsgul Province (B/L/D)

This morning take an hour and a half flight to Murun town which is the capital of Khuvsgul province. Upon arrival meet with a support team of a driver(s), cook(s), and a guide and head north to Darkhad Depression.  On arrival at the Beltes River, we erect our tented camp. Dinner and overnight in tents. (About 80kms)

Day 3. Drive to Tsagaan Nuur (B/L/D)

Today we will drive to Tsagaan Nuur village. We will meet our horsemen and prepare for the horse riding for 3 days. Overnight in tents (About 180kms)

lots of people are riding horses and trees.

Day 4-5. Horseback riding to Tsaatan "Reindeer herders"(B/L/D)

After an early breakfast, our 3 days adventures will start. We will leave the car and upload the luggage on the horses. The trail for the horses is muddy. Evening arrival to the Tsaatan's herding camp. Overnight in teepees and tents (About 40kms for 2 days)

a yurt, horses, and greenland.

Day 6. Free day at Tsaatan's herding camp (B/L/D)

We will begin learning about the lifestyle of the reindeer people right at sunrise. After breakfast, we will see how they milk reindeer. These reindeer people have lived in this region, fishing, hunting, gathering fruit, and herding reindeer for many years. They practice shamanism and worship the mountain savdag (spirit).

We will observe their lifestyle and take in the beauty of the Taiga Mountains and the lake nestled in the midst of the mountains. We will also learn about the handmade goods that allow the reindeer people to maintain their culture and lifestyle and to prepare their children to receive an education in this unique environment.

a man is riding a reindeer.

Day 7-8. Return ride to Kharmai, Tsagaan Nuur village (B/L/D)

We say good-byes to our hosts and ride back to the Tsagaan Nuur village. Overnight in tent (About 40kms)

amazing blue lake and trees.

Day 9. Drive to Khuvsgul Lake (B/L/D)

Today we will drive to Khuvsgul Lake, close to the Siberian border. Lake Khuvsgul is the second largest freshwater lake in the world, after Lake Baikal so be prepared to be impressed. Overnight ger camp (About 220kms)

Amazing lake and boats.

Day 10. Free Day at Khuvsgul Lake (B/L/D)

Today is free, so you can rest well and enjoy the view and scenery after lunch; we will take a boat to the Khusliin Khad (a place where people make a wish believing that will come true), a 30-minute ride from our ger camp. Khuvsgul Lake looks magnificent from the top of the Khusliin Khad.  Overnight at the same tourist camp.

lots of modern buildings under the sky.

Day 11. Fly to Ulaanbaatar city (B/L/D)

This morning, we will fly to Ulaanbaatar city. If you want, we will do some shopping or a short city tour. Afterward, we will see a traditional Mongolian folk concert. Farewell dinner / Transfer to the hotel***.

An airplane is flying above the sky.

Day 12. Departure (B)

Transfer to the airport and departure. 

Thanks for traveling with us.


  • Airport pick up & drop off service

  • Private transportation & fuel

  • Domestic flights

  • Professional driver & tour guide

  • Accommodations

  • Three meals per day (B/L/D)

  • All taxes & entrance fees

  • Sightseeing costs 

  • Horse & Camel riding


  • International transportation

  • Travel and medical insurance

  • Alcoholic drink

  • Tip

  • Meals in UB



PS: Prices for children aged 2-12 get discounted.

Infants travel free with their equipment.


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