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5 Nights in gers

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Tour grade: Easy & moderate

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6 Nights / 7 Days

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No camping

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1 Nights at 3* hotels


Naadam festival is the only one of its kind; it is a sophisticated and eloquent expression of nomadic culture, the honored celebration of national independence, and an outstanding combination of arts and sports. Even the festival's core – three manly sports – wrestling, horse racing, and archery, embrace many art elements, such as singing, dancing, and performing.

Naadam festival is held in the most enjoyable month of the most pleasant season in the country. Therefore, everyone takes the opportunity and enjoys the festival in a diverse schedule, such as traveling to the countryside, camping out, and gathering in their closest herds. Nomadic Mongolians have known when to throw parties. Everyone is so looking forward to Naadam that after each Naadam, Naadamers moan that the next Naadam is too long to wait. 

Don't be one of those moaning about the next Naadam being too long to wait! Come and travel to Mongolia with us to experience this festival, the world's only one of its kind. After experiencing the Naadam festival, you will be able to continue your tour to the Gobi tour, Northern Mongolian Khuvsgul tour, Central Mongolian Kharkhorum Tour, etc. Enjoy every moment with us.

Tour Highlights & Destinations

  • Experience nomadic life

  • Mongolian Traditional Folk Concert

  • City tour

  • Mongolian National History Museum

  • Chinggis Khan Museum

  • Attend Mongolian traditional custom show

  • Experience Naadam festival

  • Opening ceremony

  • Watch horse racing

  • Watch archery competition

  • Traditional Mongolian BBQ

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Green high mountains and mongolian traditional gers

Day 1./9 July/ Arrive in Ulaanbaatar, Chinggis Khan Equestrian Statue Complex & Terelj National Park (L/D)

Arrival day in UB. Our driver and tour guide will pick you up from the Airport. Then, we will drive to the Chinggis Khan Equestrian statue complex. The complex was built in 2008, on the eight-hundredth anniversary of the Mongolian Empire's foundation, in honor of its founder, Chinggis Khan. Then, we will drive briefly to Terelj National Park, considered one of the most beautiful places worth visiting because it combines sharp mountains with granite cliffs, forests, and rivers. Once we get there, we will see the Aryabal Buddhist meditation temple. From the top of the temple, the park looks so amazing. Then our last activity is riding a horse for 1 hour through the beautiful valley.

After that, we will drive back to Ulaanbaatar city to see the Deeltei Mongol customs show, "National Costume Festival," which is annually organized at the central square of Ulaanbaatar and offers you to meet people with much traditional Mongolian clothing on display. If you want, you can also take Mongolian national clothes and participate. It would be exciting. Sure that you will take a lot of great photos. Overnight at the hotel***.

lots of people gathering in Chinggis khan main square

Day 2. /10 July/ City Tour / Ceremony/Traditional Mongolian Folk Concert. (B/L/D)

This morning, after having breakfast at your hotel. We will go to Chinggis Khan's main square to see the ceremony of Nine White Banners.  After that, we will do a city tour. Our first stop will be the Chinggis Khan Museum, where we will learn many things during our visit. Lunchtime. Then, we are going to visit the Mongolian National History Museum.

Our next stop is Gandan Tegchilen Monastery, a Tibetan-style Buddhist Monastery. Its name means ”the prominent place of complete joy.” Nowadays, many hundreds of monks live there.

Then we will see a traditional Mongolian folk concert. Dinner. In the evening, if you want, we will be able to attend the Naadam music festival in Chinggis Khan main square.  Drop you off at your hotel.  

soldiers are holding the mongolian flags

Day 3. /11 July/ Attend Naadam Festival & Horse racing. (B/L/D)

This morning, we will go to Chinggis Khan's main square to see the nine white banners from the government palace. Then, we will go to the stadium to watch the Naadam festival opening ceremony. We will have lunch there.

Then we will see horse racing.

Naadam festival is the most important national holiday in Mongolia. Naadam festival brings together the country's sporting men and women from the remotest regions to compete at the capital city's national level. Enjoy festival colors and tradition: famed wrestlers, horse racers, and archery athletes will compete for the best titles. 
It is also a celebration of ordinary people- herders who ride into town and urbanities who leave their flats and offices to watch the games- gathering where they have the opportunity to participate in the events, barter, mix, sing, and enjoy life to the full.

Mongolian traditional gers and live stock animals.

Day 4. /12 July/ Drive to Elsen-Tasarkhai semi-desert, Khogno Khan Natural Reserve. (B/L/D)

This morning, we will drive to Khogno Khan Natural Reserve. On the way, we will have lunch. In Khogno Khan Natural Reserve, there is an extraordinary sand dune called Elsen Tasarhai, a part of the Great Mongolian Sand dunes extending about 80 km. The scenery perfectly combines desert, picturesque mountains, rivers, and green grassland. Once we get there, we will discover the Elsen- Tasarkhai semi-desert and Khogno Khan natural reserve. Then we will ride a camel for 1 hour through the beautiful scenery with a professional camel herder man.

After that, we will visit a Nomadic family to see and feel how nomadic people live and learn from them about their culture and heritage. The nomadic family will cook a traditional Mongolian BBQ for dinner. You will be able to see and practice how they are cooking. It would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Then we will drive shortly to our tourist camp overnight.

temples and blue sky

Day 5. /13 July/ Drive to 13th-century capital Kharkhorum, Ugii Lake. (B/L/D)

This morning, we will drive 70 km to the 13th-century great Mongolian empire’s ancient capital, Kharkhorum. The city served as the Mongolian capital for 40 years (until Khubilai Khaan moved it to Beijing). Chinese soldiers later destroyed most of the town during the second half of the 14th century.

The remnants of the town were used to build the ErdeneZuu Monastery in the 16th century. After that, we will visit the Kharkhorum Museum and the ErdeneZuu monastery. We will have lunch over there.

Then, drive to the beautiful Ugii lake, a freshly watered lake in the steppe. It covers 25 square km in area, is 7 km long, and 5 km wide. The lake is 15 meters deep at its deepest point. Once we get there, we will take a boat trip. Overnight at a tourist camp.

wild horses eating grass

Day 6. /14 July/ Drive to Hustai National Park. (B/L/D)

This morning, we will drive to Hustai National Park, famous for its successful reintroduction of Przewalski's horse, Equus przewalskii, the only remaining wild horse, since 1992. Also, the Takhi, as Mongolians call them, roamed freely in their homeland once again.

The park and its surrounding area have much to offer to lovers of nature and culture in Asia's heartland. Overnight at a Hustai NP's tourist camp

the plane is taking off

Day 7. /15 July/ Drive back to the city. Departure (B/L)

This morning, after having breakfast at our camp. We will drive back to Ulaanbaatar, the capital city, about 100km. Once we get there, If you want, we will be able to do some shopping. And drop you off at your hotel or the international airport. Departure.

Thank you for traveling with us. 


  • Airport pick up & drop off service

  • Private transportation & fuel

  • Professional driver and guide

  • Accommodations

  • Three meals per day (B/L/D)

  • All taxes & entrance fees

  • Sightseeing costs 

  • Horse & Camel riding


  • International transportation

  • Travel and medical insurance

  • Alcoholic drink

  • Tip

  • Meals in UB



PS: Price for children aged 2-12 get discounted.

Infants travel free with their equipment.


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