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8 Nights in gers

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Tour grade: Moderate

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20 Nights / 21 Days

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8 Nights in a tent

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4 Nights at 3* hotels


Explore Mongolia's rooftop in Altai Tavan Bogd National Park and the beautiful lakes in Western Mongolia. The combination of high Altai Mountain trekking and Horseback riding adventure will be an unforgettable experience. We dedicate these two weeks for trekking trips to the devoted trekkers and mountaineers.

The journey takes you to the most western point of Mongolia, the majestic Mongol Altai mountains – the country's largest and highest mountain range with glacier-topped peaks over 3000 meters, crystal clear mountain rivers, and glistening streams where inhabit the world's most extensive wild sheep - Argali, ibex, snow leopard, wolves, eagles, and many other bird species.
The name Altai Tavan Bogd (Five Holy Peaks of Altai) was given to a cluster of 5 dramatic peaks that tower over this extensive Mongol Altai mountain range. The extreme climate, with very little vegetation, makes the surrounding landscape barren. The trekking session leads us to the holy five peaks, the highest being Khuiten Peak at 4374m. We trek through the snowy mountains and cross the longest glaciers in the country.
Whereas Mongolian Gobi Desert is a large desert region in Asia. It is the sixth-largest desert in the world and the second-largest in Asia. Much of the Gobi is not sandy but has exposed bare rock. Over there, we will explore places such as Vulture Canyon, also known as Eagle Valley, massive Khongor sand dunes, and Bayanzag flaming cliffs, which are especially important as regards dinosaur fossils from the late Cretaceous period, which is the last of the main three periods of the dinosaur age, representing the final phase of dinosaur evolution, etc. An endless adventure is waiting for you. 

Tour Highlights & Destinations

  • Learn experienced nomad family's daily-lifestyle

  • Discover the Mongolian Majestic Gobi Desert

  • Three days of horse riding adventure

  • Beautiful lakes of the Altai region 

  • Snow-capped mountains 

  • Eagle hunting family and culture of ethnic Kazakhs.

a road direction board
buildings and mountains

Day 1. Arrival Day & City Tour (L)

On this day, we will pick you up from the airport and transfer you to the hotel***. 

If you want, you can rest for a while, and then we will start a city tour. 

We will visit 

- Chinggis Khan Museum

- Mongolian National History Museum

- Gandan-Tegchlen Monastery

- Zaisan hill from the hill, you will be able to see the whole city. Afterward, we will see a traditional Mongolian folk concert and then dinner, and we are going to drop you off at your hotel.

two person are standing on ice

Day 2. Fly to South-Gobi Province & Yol Valley (B/L/D)

This morning, we will pick you up from your hotel and drop you off at the international airport. Once you land at Dalanzadgad Town, our driver and guide will pick you up from the airport and drive to Yol Valley (Vulture Canyon). It is a beautiful deep canyon with many rocky cliffs created by many years of water erosion. 

After arrival at the canyon, we will take a 2-hour hike and see parts of a glacier left over from the winter months. We can visit the local Natural History Museum on our way in/out of the park, where dinosaur eggs and bones, petrified trees, and a snow leopard are displayed. Overnight at a tourist camp.

camels are standing on sand dunes

Day 3. Drive to Khongor Sand dunes (B/L/D)

Khongor sand dune is one of Mongolia's largest and most spectacular dunes, standing as high as 200 meters above the ground, 7-8 km wide, and 180 km long. Climbing the dunes is breathtaking, not just for the top view.

It surprises climbers that the dunes make a singing sound while you climb; that is why it is nicknamed the singing dunes.

The sand dunes make you feel extraordinary comfort and infinite peace. Once we get there, we will ride a camel along the Khongor sand dunes. The two-humped Bactrian camels are very comfortable to ride as they walk slowly and gently. You will be well supported by the humps, sitting comfortably between them. Overnight at a tourist ger camp.

orange cliffs and sky

Day 4. BayanZag Flaming Cliffs & Ongi Monastery (B/L/D)

This morning, we are going to drive to the Bayanzag area. Known as a Flaming Cliffs "Cradle of Dinosaurs," this is where the first nest of dinosaur eggs ever discovered was found in 1922. We will explore the area.

Afterward, continue to drive to the Ongi Monastery, built in the late 18th century, to commemorate Mongolia's first-ever visit by a Dalai Lama. Overnight at a tourists' ger camp.

Erdene zuu monastery and monks.

Day 5. Kharkhorum & Erdene Zuu Monastery (B/L/D)

In the morning, we will drive to the Kharkhorum, the Great Mongolian Empire's ancient capital. The city served as the Mongolian capital for only 40 years (until Khubilai Khaan moved it to Beijing). Chinese soldiers later destroyed most of the city during the second half of the 14th century. The remnants of the town were used to build the ErdeneZuu Monastery in the 16th century.
Upon arrival in the Kharkhorum, the first and most prominent landmark is the massive walls of the Erdenezuu Monastery, the first Buddhist monastery in Mongolia. Explore the area and visit the museum, etc. Overnight at a tourists' ger camp.

Khorgo volcano in Mongolia

Day 6. White Lake and Khorgo Volcano (B/L/D)

After breakfast, we will drive to Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur via Tsetserleg town. We will visit the extinct Khorgo volcano crater, which once spewed hot lava (7,000 years ago). 
Next, we will drive to Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake, formed when Khorgo volcano lava dammed the Suman River, cutting a massive gorge through the basalt. Overnight at a tourists' ger camp. On this day, we will drive about 200 km.

Lots of horse are eating grass

Day 7. Telmen Nuur - Telmen Lake (B/L/D)

Today, we will drive to Telmen Nuur, a saltwater lake located in Telmen soum of Zavkhan province. It is 28km long, 16km wide with a surface area of 194 square km and a maximum depth of 27m. There are three lake islands in Telmen Lake and they host migratory birds. The lake has only one tributary called Khooloi River and mostly fed by rain and underground water. Area around Telmen Lake is barren with no trees and it is a combination of the steppe and the Gobi desert.

Khyrgas lake and sky.

Day 8. Khyrgas Nuur - Khyrgas Lake (B/L/D)

The lake and its surrounding 332.800 ha protected area were established as a nature reserve in 2000. The lake is 75 km long and 31 km wide, with a surface area of 1481 км². The average depth is 50 m and 80 m at its deepest. The lake is a magnet for migratory birds including its island. The lake’s main attraction is Khetsuu Khad rock on the lake's eastern shore. Khetsuu Khad is a 5-7 km long underwater rock.

Some parts of the rock stick out of the water and look like islands where countless migratory cormorant birds are attracted and nest. Khetsuu Khad Rock is a favorite spot for photographers and local travelers.

achit lake of blue sky

Day 9. Ulgii town via Achit Lake (B/L/D)

Achit Lake is the largest freshwater lake in the Uvs province of Mongolia, west of the country. At an elevation of 1,435 m above sea level, it covers an area of 290 km². It is 28 km long, 16 km wide, and 10 m deep. The coast is covered with steppes, mostly hilly but swampy on the northwest and northeast. Several rivers also flow into the lake. 

It offers stunning sunsets and sunrises and good fishing.
The lake is home to flocks of geese, eagles, and other birdlife. One drawback is the absolute plethora of mosquitoes during the summer. Some camping spots are better than others for mozzies, so look around. Locals claim they will be almost bearable overnight at Ulgii Town Local Hotel by October. 

a nomad family with their eagle.

Day 10. Shiveet Khairkhan Mountain  (B/L/D)

Today, we head to the Altai Mountain area and arrive at Shiveet Khairkhan mountain- the closest place to the Altai peaks, reachable by car. We are traveling at an altitude of 2500-3000 m. We will visit a local Kazakh family to explore their lives and rent horses for our next trip. Here, you can meet the local people and take portraits of the daily life of Kazakhs. They have a bigger Ger dwelling than the Khalkha majority group, and they are characteristic. Prepare our luggage for the next 3 day-trekking trips to Altai peaks.

2 girls are hiking to the mountain with snow on top.

Day 11. Altai Tavan Bogd Peak  (B/L/D)

Leave our vehicle, load our luggage onto the horses, and trek toward the Altai Tavan Bogd 4100-4374m peaks. You can take photos of a horse or camel caravan, which suits the Western Mongolian landscape and rocky and snow-capped mountains. Arrive at the foot of the high peaks​.

mountains with snow on top.

Day 12. Potanin Glacier and Mount Altai Tavan Bogd (B/L/D)

Start our trekking towards Potanin Glacier and Mount Altai Tavan Bogd. The Tavan Bogd (Holy Five Peaks) are the highest peaks in Mongolia - Khuiten Uul- 4374m, Peak Malchin, Peak Naran, Peak Burged, and Peak Olgii. This means the 5 Kings comprises five neighboring peaks. While trekking, we will cross glaciers that connect those five peaks. You will capture all five peaks, including the Potanin Glacier. Arrive at the base camp. Overnight at a tent.

white river and mountains.

Day 13. Tsagaan Gol - White River (B/L/D)

Head to Tsagaan Gol to change our horses or relax if you trek. Tsagaan Gol, or White River, owes its color to glacial milk, the suspended powder of rock eroded by the high glaciers. Here, you can photograph landscapes and people—a tent near a nomad family. We are talking with nomads and sharing our experiences.

khoton and khurgan lake and 2 horses.

Day 14 - 15. Khoton Khurgan Nuur - Khoton Khurgan Lake (B/L/D)

Start a 2-day trek towards Khoton and Khurgan lakes. The lakes are the resource of Mongolia's second largest, Lake Khar Us (Black Water). They have crystal clear water and are fed by many rivers and streams in the Altai Mountains. The landscape around the lakes is stunning and picturesque, with the snow-capped mountains surrounding them, green meadows at their foothills, larch forests in the middle, and sand dunes. This is an excellent place for hiking and birdwatching. On the way, we will constantly visit local families. Our vehicle will follow the trails with us, loading our luggage and camping gear. Have rest and lunch on the way, and then trek towards our next camping spot.


Day 16 - 17. Baga Turgen Waterfall (B/L/D)

Arriving at the beautiful lakes and have a rest. Optional hiking and trekking activity. The next morning, we will reach the closest spot to the Baga Turgen waterfall by car and start trekking to this magnificent waterfall. Enjoy the surroundings and have a picnic lunch. Return to Khoton Khurgan Lake and stay overnight in a tent camp

Day 18. Tolbo Lake (B/L/D)

Drive towards Khovd town, and we will cross another beautiful lake. Visit local family. Overnight in a tent near Lake Tolbo.

Statue of horseman in Mongolia.

Day 19. Ulgii Town (B/L/D)

Back to Ulgii Town, a city in western Mongolia that serves as the capital of Bayan-Ulgii Aimag. It’s located at an altitude of 1,710 meters (5,610 feet) and has a population of 28,496. The town is predominantly populated by Kazakhs, and thus, the primary language spoken there is Kazakh. Overnight at a local hotel.

lots of people gathering together and dancing.

Day 20. Fly to Ulaanbaatar city (B/L/D)

Take a flight back to Ulaanbaatar. Free activities in the city. at 6 pm we will see Mongolian Traditional Folk concert and farewell dinner together. Drop you off at your hotel. 

The airplane is flying over clouds.

Day 21. Departure (B)

Transfer you at the Chinggis Khan International Airport. End of the tour. Thank you very much for traveling with us. 


  • Airport pick up & drop off service

  • Domestic flight

  • Private transportation & fuel

  • Professional driver and tour guide

  • Accommodations  

  • Three meals per day (B/L/D)

  • All taxes & entrance fees

  • Sightseeing costs 

  • Horse & Camel riding                        


  • International transportation

  • Travel and medical insurance

  • Alcoholic drink

  • Tip

  • Dinners in UB                                     


  From- XXXX

PS: Price for children aged

2-12 get discounted.

Infants travel free with their equipment.


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