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traditional Mongolian ger image.

5 Nights in gers

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Tour grade: Easy & moderate

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6 Nights / 7 Days

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No camping

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1 Nights at 3* hotels


There is Orkhon Valley Cultural Landscape, one of the most important cultural regions in the world, and was recognized by the UNESCO World Heritage as a cultural landscape in 2004.

The extensive area encompasses the pastureland on both banks of the Orkhon River and includes numerous archaeological sites dating back to the 6th century. 
This tour includes Erdene Zuu Monastery, ancient capital Kharkhorin, Orkhon Waterfall, Tuvkhun Monastery, Elsen Tasarkhai semi-desert, Khogno Khan Natural Reserve, Beautiful Ugii Lake, Hustai National Park, and many more exciting places are awaiting you to come and visit there!

a road direction.

Tour Highlights & Destinations

  • Experience nomadic life

  • Mongolian Traditional Folk Concert

  • City tour

  • Gandan-Tegchlen Monastery 

  • Mongolian National History Museum

  • Zaisan Hill memorial

  • Horse and Camel riding for 1 hour eac

  • Elsen Tasarkhai semi-desert

  • 13th century capital Kharkhorum

  • UNESCO Heritage site Erdenezuu monastery

  • Orkhon Waterfall

  • Tuvkhun Monastery

  • Ugii Lake

  • Hustai National Park- Wild horses

  • Mongolian Traditional BBQ

buildings and mountains

Day 1. Arrival Day & City Tour (L)

On this day, we will pick you up from the airport and transfer you to the hotel***. 

If you want, you can rest for a while, and then we will start a city tour. 

We will visit 

- Chinggis Khan Museum

- Mongolian National History Museum

- Gandan-Tegchlen Monastery

- Zaisan hill from the hill, you can see the whole city. Afterward, we will see a traditional Mongolian folk concert and then dinner, and we will drop you off at your hotel.

camels are lying down

Day 2. Drive to Elsen Tasarkhai semi desert, Khogno Khan Natural Reserve (B/L/D)

This morning, we will drive to Khogno Khan Nature Reserve, about 280km from Ulaanbaatar’s capital. Khogno Khan Natural Reserve has an extraordinary sand dune called Elsen Tasarhai. The scenery perfectly combines desert, picturesque mountains, rivers, and green grassland. Once we get there, we will discover the area. And then we will ride a camel for 1 hour through the beautiful scenery with a professional camel herder man.

Overnight at a tourist ger camp.

beautiful waterfall and high mountains

Day 3. Drive to Ulaantsutgalan Waterfall, Orkhon Valley  (B/L/D)

Today, we will drive to Orkhon Valley, registered as World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 2005. Many of Mongolia’s ancient monuments lie within its basin. Orkhon waterfall, also called UlaanTsutgalan, was formed by a series of volcanic eruptions about 20.000 years ago.

It cascades from a height of 22 meters and is 10m wide. We will visit a nomadic family, get experience there, and go horse riding for an hour. Overnight at a tourist camp.

very old monasteries

Day 4. Tuvkhun Monastery & 13th century capital Kharkhorum and UNESTCO Heritage Site ErdeneZuu Monastery  (B/L/D)

Today, we will drive to Tuvkhun Monastery. Visitors hike 5 km up to the monastery from the skirt of the mountain. The Tuvkhun monastery was first established in 1648 by the 14-year-old Zanabazar first Jebtsundamba khutuktu Bogd. He first noticed this beautiful place in 1651, then built a small wooden cabin for meditation. And that was the beginning of the Tuvkhun monastery. After discovering the monastery, we will drive to Kharkhorum—the Great Mongolian Empire's ancient capital.

The city served as the Mongolian capital for only 40 years (until Khubilai Khaan moved it to Beijing). Chinese soldiers later destroyed most of the town during the second half of the 14th century. The remnants of the city were used to build the ErdeneZuu Monastery in the 16th century—the first Buddhist monastery in Mongolia. Explore the area and visit the museum, etc. Overnight at a tourists' ger camp.

beautiful lake and blue sky

Day 5. Drive to Beautiful Ugii Lake  (B/L/D)

In the morning, we will drive to the Uglii Lake, a freshwater lake in eastern Arkhangai in central Mongolia.

The lake, designated a Ramsar Site of International Importance, is known for its fish and bird life. It is a stopover point for migrating water birds of the family Anatidae.​
Almost half the lake is less than 3 m deep. We can swim and fish there. Do not forget to bring your swimming suit. Today, we will have a traditional Mongolian BBQ for dinner—overnight at a tourists' ger camp.

wild horses are eating grass

Day 6. Drive to Hustai National Park (B/L/D)

Today, we are going to drive back to Ulaanbaatar. On the way, we will visit Hustai NP. The park lies in the foothills of the northern Khentii mountain range, where you can see wild horses called Takhi, known as Przewalski horses, to the world.

Wild horses survive in nature by themselves because they have been reintroduced successfully to their homeland after 40 years of extinction. Currently, the number of Takhi has already reached more than 450. Visit a local museum. Overnight at a Hustai National Park tourist camp.

an airplane is flying

Day 7. Drive back to Ulaanbaatar city - Departure (B)

This morning, after having breakfast at the camp. We will drive back to Ulaanbaatar city. If you want, we can do some shopping and drop you off at the international airport at the end of the tour.

Thank you for traveling with us. 


  • Airport pick up & drop off service

  • Private transportation & fuel

  • Professional driver and tour guide

  • Accommodations which included

  • 2 nights in a 3-star hotel in UB city 

  • 7 nights at a tourist ger camp

  • Three meals per day (B/L/D)

  • All taxes & entrance fees

  • Sightseeing costs 

  • Horse & Camel riding                        


  • International transportation

  • Travel and medical insurance

  • Alcoholic drink

  • Tip

  • Meals in UB                                     


  From- XXXX

PS: Price for children aged

2-12 get discounted.

Infants travel free with their equipment.

  • What is included?
    Airport pick up & drop off service Private transportation & fuel Domestic flights Professional driver & tour guide Accommodations Three meals per day (B/L/D) All taxes & entrance fees Sightseeing costs Horse & Camel riding
  • What is not included?
    International transportation Travel and medical insurance Alcoholic drink Tip Meals in UB
  • What is the accommodation like?
    We offer our tourists 3-5 star hotels in Ulaanbaatar city center, however if you want to book your hotel by yourself, of course, you can. Also, we recommend 3 different accommodation options while traveling in rural areas outside the city. If you are looking for comfort, we offer you a tourist camp. If you're interested in a more authentic nomadic experience, we offer nomadic family homestays, and for younger travelers on a tight budget, we also offer homestays and tented tours. It is also possible to spend the night alternately with a tourist camp and a nomadic family. Staying at a tourist camp can be more expensive than staying at a nomadic family. So please let me know what kind of accommodation you want.
  • What is the tourist ger camp?
    Ger camps, featuring the traditional roundhouses of nomadic life, are the main accommodation in the countryside during the tours. The ger camps are located close to the main attractions or in scenic areas in the appropriate day’s driving distance from one another. Mongolian camp has approximately 15-40 gers, a large ger restaurant or a house restaurant serves European and Mongolian meals. Some ger camps have game rooms and open playgrounds. Flush toilets and showers are located in separate blocks from the ger accommodations. There are several ger camps featuring attached private bathroom gers and those gers are considered ensuite. If you wish to stay at the ensuite gers, please inform us in advance and we will gladly arrange the ensuite gers for an additional fee. The ger camp staff work hard to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay for their guests. Some of the ger camp staff speak basic English while others speak English and other languages fluently.
  • What is a nomadic family's ger camp?
    We believe in comfort and welcoming accommodation for guests to enjoy this trip as much as possible. The main type of shelter that's offered is a traditional Mongolian ger which is located next to the nomadic family in the countryside. When you stay in the nomadic ger camp you will have a great opportunity to explore the nomadic lifestyle but the facilities that you can have been limited compared to the tourist ger camp. The toilet is a simple outhouse and there is no shower. Staying in the nomadic family's ger camp can be an authentic and once-in-a-lifetime experience however if you prefer coziness then we advise you to choose a tourist camp.
  • What is food?
    In Ulaanbaatar, you will be dining at fine European and Asian cuisine restaurants. Mutton, beef, rice, and noodles form the basis of the Mongolian diet, so your meals will be based around this. However, the trail rations may include vegetables, eggs, peanut butter, cheese and sometimes yak! On some days there will be lunchboxes from tourist camps as there are no camps or eating places on the journey. It is good food and our experience has been that guests are happy with it.
  • What should I bring with me?
    Warm thin layers of clothing, waterproof jacket, good walking boots and sandals, a hat and headscarf to protect you from the sun and winds. insect repellent, sun cream, lip-gloss, water purifying tablets and first aid kit (medicine for headache, cold, diarrhea, runny nose; bandages; any medicine prescribed for you) all your camera equipment and binoculars, and perhaps some snacks to eat between meal times.
  • Is there any discount?
    Prices for children aged 2-11 get discounted. Infants travel free with their equipment.


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