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a luxury tourist ger


We carefully choose our business partners to provide the best possible service and amenities during your stay. Tourist Ger Camps, usually located in the beautiful scenery of the Mongolian countryside, is the best accommodation for you to experience the authentic taste of a nomadic lifestyle.

The camp comprises several Gers, usually furnished with 2-3 beds in one Ger. It has all modern facilities, including washing blocks with western-style restrooms, showers, laundry, and a restaurant outside the Ger. Tourist camps are divided into luxury and simple. Luxury Ger has a shower inside of the Ger. We book our tourist camps based on our tourist requests. So please let us know what kind of Ger you want to stay with.

Mongolia's indigenous Ger is an iconic symbol of its nomadic culture. Ger allows you to disconnect from the busy world and uniquely reconnect with nature. Every aspect of the camp reflects Mongolian traditions, and this experience is a fantastic way to explore Mongolia's natural beauty, wildlife, and rich cultural heritage. It is an absolute satisfaction to sleep in the wilderness under the canopies of stars and wake up with grandeur and natural beauty.

amazing nature and traditional Mongolian gers


Tourist Ger camp is a traditional style accommodation with full-service facilities, most commonly used outside of the city. The Ger is a round structure of lettuces, poles and a peaked roof covered with canvas and felt, and tightened with ropes. We believe in comfort and a welcoming accommodation in order for guests to enjoy this trip as much as possible. It is equipped with solar energy providing 220 V of electric current. Other services are also included such as showers, bathrooms and basic necessities.


Each ger accommodation features 2-4 single beds with clean linens, an alter, night tables, a dining table, chairs, hangers, and a charming wood burning stove. Slippers are available at the showers or provided in the gers. Visitors find that staying in a ger is an essential part of their Mongolian experience. The camp ger is lockable with a padlock as a precaution.

cozy beds inside of Mongolian ger


pineapple chicken food

The Ger camp features a large central ger or lodge-style restaurant to serve Mongolian and European-style meals. The meal ingredients of nomadic Mongolians have always been nature-derived and simple, which has been kept today. The ger camp meals are basic, real food, with the main ingredients being beef, mutton, chicken, pork (randomly), pastry, noodles, rice, seasonally available vegetables, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, carrots, broccoli, mushrooms, beets, lettuce, pimentos, radishes, onions and garlic etc. There are bars at the restaurants offering both soft and alcoholic drinks.


The ger camp bathrooms are mostly separate houses used by all guests. Many ger camps have central electricity and hot running water available 24 hours; however, some ger camps, which use solar or fire heating systems, may offer hot water only at specified times of day. Therefore, guests are asked to make use of hot water at those times. The bathrooms have electric lights, mirrors, basins with running water, flush toilets and other modern facilities. Guests may bring personal amenities and a hairdryer as needed. Please note that flushing toilets and hot showers may not be available for guests traveling in spring and autumn when the cold weather disables use of the water pipes.

very clean toilet
lots of stars and milkiway.


The gers have a single electric light bulb and some of them include a socket (220-V Asian-style plug and you may bring your adapter) to charge batteries. In other camps in remote areas, guests also have the option to charge batteries at camp restaurants and lodges. Ger camps in remote areas supply electric power by generator, available at certain times of the day The paths are lit in the evenings, and lights are turned off at night to not attract flies and other insects. Therefore, bringing a flashlight/torch is recommended.

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